Why Dragonfly & Co?

Here at the Dragonfly studio we really enjoy hand picking the botanicals that go into our hand poured wax melts as well as matching the fragrances for our diffusers and other gorgeous products.  

We don’t stop there.  

As keen outdoor swimmers, we take a lot of inspiration from the beautiful surroundings we see whilst swimming in nature; that’s where a lot of our ideas come from. 

As we enjoy the nature so much we are acutely aware of the responsibility we hold in looking after the planet we live in. 

Our progression has seen us ensuring all of our packaging is responsibly sourced but also recyclable after use.  

We have looked at our carbon footprint whilst in production and to this end we are offsetting that by planting a tree for every sale. 

We take our sustainability very seriously and whilst we wish to enhance your homes and offices with wonderful fragrances, we want to look after our wonderful world too. 

We recently secured a great brand partnership with the charity Ian’s Chain donating a percentage of our profits from the Wellness Collection to them to help them in their suicide prevention work. 

We will always look to improve and evolve as we don’t believe in standing still.