Tree Planting & Charity Mission

If you’re an existing customer of Dragonfly & Co., you’ll already know how seriously we take our commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible.
As a small environmentally-conscious business, we ensure that all of our packaging materials are fully recyclable, and that we source the vast majority of the ingredients for our hand-made products locally, to keep our carbon footprint at an absolute minimum.
We're about to turn your orders into a force for ecological good! While this might sound very grand, all it means is that each and every time you place an order with us, The Greener Earth Project plants a tree! 
All you need to do is place your orders on our website like you usually do, and a portion of that order’s value will be directed to The Greener Earth Project, where it will fund the planting of a tree. It’s simply brilliant and brilliantly simple!
We can’t wait to see the Dragonfly & Co. forest taking shape before our very eyes, and we’ll keep you updated via social media as things happen!
We have created a very special range which we feel are gorgeous scents for some self-care and relaxation. The Wellbeing Collection fragrances have been carefully selected to help in your wellness journey.
We have pledged to donate 25% of sales from this dedicated and exclusive range to Ian's Chain.
When you purchase from The Wellbeing Collection, you will be supporting a charity that saves lives, focuses on helping people with their mental well-being and supports families and friends who have lost a loved one.